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Why PPC is the Best Solution for Online Advertising and How to Make it Work for You

Why PPC is the Best Solution for Online Advertising and How to Make it Work for You

By : Zero Down PPC |September 28, 2015 |Blog |0 Comment

payperclickThere are dozens of reasons for companies to leverage pay-per-click, or PPC, in their online advertising, and very few reasons to skip it. For the vast majority of businesses, you simply can’t compete with the clear, straightforward ROI you obtain from pay-per-click—and even if you have other high-value advertising options to work with, PPC works amazingly in concert with other advertising methods. Still not convinced?

What Makes PPC Your Best Solution

There are a lot of reasons to invest in PPC for your online marketing; here are a few real standouts that we think make quite the compelling case.

1. Quantifiable ROI.

As valuable as other Internet marketing solutions can be, few can offer the simple, straightforwardly quantifiable return on investment offered by a PPC campaign. When you’re doing well with pay-per-click, you know exactly how well you’re doing. When you’re doing poorly, you know exactly how poorly you’re doing. And if you want to get more in-depth and look at factors such as lead quality, total lead value, and other metrics, it’s quite easy to do so with PPC.

2. Versatility.

There are very few marketing campaigns that can’t benefit from the savvy application of PPC. Whether you’re neck deep in another method or a complete beginner, a PPC campaign can quickly generate additional traffic—and, used properly, ensure that traffic’s as refined and profitable as possible. And if it’s not working, or you need to stop and think things over, it’s easy to pause a PPC campaign without losing anything.

3. Valuable data.

Seeing who clicks on what ads, what they were searching for when they did so, how well they convert…these are all extremely valuable data points no matter what online marketing campaign you’re undertaking. With the judicious use of PPC and close  attention to your analytics, you’ll gain insight you’ll struggle to achieve through any other means.

4. Easy to experiment.

Want to try a different ad style, test the waters with a different demographic, explore opportunities in other languages or other countries? All of this is trivial with pay per click—you can have an exploratory campaign up and running within days. Compare that with other means of advertising and marketing, and you can see the value of such easy experimentation.

5. Works with other methods.

PPC doesn’t shut the door on any other method you may be utilizing to improve traffic or lead quality. Inbound marketing, social networking, email campaigns–none of these suffer from being paired with a pay-per-click campaign—and many of them can benefit directly. So why not take advantage of the myriad strengths of PPC?

Making Pay-Per-Click Work For You

Sold on PPC yet? If so, you might be wondering how the pros make the most of this flexible opportunity. After all, flexibility means options, and too many options means room to mess up and throw money away. Fortunately, you’re in luck—we have a few solid tips you’ll be glad you read as you get started on your own PPC efforts.

1. Focus on cost-per-lead, not cost-per-click. 

Remember that clicks aren’t profit—they’re opportunities to profit. If you’re generating a lot of clicks without turning those clicks into sales, something needs to change. Figure out what you can afford to spend per lead for a healthy ROI, then aim for that by refining your PPC ads, your landing pages, and everything else along the conversion path. If you can’t get a good ROI, your keyword phrase or ad might not be doing its job properly.

??2. Pay attention to the data.

Never stop looking through the data—it’s one of the most valuable things provided by PPC, so dig through and find out everything you can. Look for trends, strengths, weaknesses and–above all–places to improve. Decisions based on hard data pay high dividends, so take the time to look at what you have in front of you. Make sure you have the expertise and tools at hand to see what your data is really saying and act appropriately.

3. Segment, segment, segment.

The best PPC campaigns operate by defining different demographics, buyer types, and other segments in your customer base, then targeting those segments individually and independently. Having five different campaigns and landing pages for five different groups will give you a higher ROI than targeting those same five groups with a single campaign and landing page, as long as you segment into useful, significant groups. Key emphasis on significant—sometimes, a group that seems to go together doesn’t actually buy or browse the same way. And groups that look very different might just belong together, when you look at how they buy.

4. Split testing is your friend.

The building block of all marketing research–split testing–is trivial with most PPC solutions, so get the most out of it. Even the smallest difference in phrasing, emphasis, or value proposition can lead to massive differences in click-through rates, lead quality, and profitability. So split test relentlessly—you essentially want to split test to the limit of your traffic, on ads, landing pages, and everything else between first contact and a closed sale.

Think outside the box.

Don’t get caught up in ‘obvious’ paths for your PPC campaign. There are many ways to target key demographics and generate a worthwhile ROI—consider going after cheaper tangential markets to advertise in, making a slower build up via other content, then moving for a close. Or, investigate what your competitors for a given market are doing, then react against them. Often, the ‘box’ for a given market gets crowded and expensive to compete within—so think flexibly and broadly to get the most out of PPC.

This is only the beginning of PPC mastery, but it should help you understand why pay-per-click deserves a place of honor in your Internet marketing toolbox. Nothing is going to offer the same combination of efficacy, flexibility, and data collection as PPC—take advantage of the agility it offers, and you’ll soon be generating more and better leads than you thought possible.

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