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Top 10 Benefits Facebook and Google Offer To Your ZDPPC Campaign

Top 10 Benefits Facebook and Google Offer To Your ZDPPC Campaign

By : Zero Down PPC |June 09, 2015 |Blog |0 Comment

Facebook and Google go together like bacon and beer for most businesses. You need to fully utilize the platforms to reach the most customers. Yet, like these tasty food and beverage concoctions, you must take everything in moderation when deciding on how much to spend on marketing strategies and pay per click (PPC) advertising. You don’t want to glut yourself on one and miss out on the great benefits the other site offers.

So, which one should you pick? Will you go with the tried and true search engine Google who has proven time and again that their advertising techniques can go places where other sites can’t? Should you jump on the newcomer Facebook as this social media site offers versatility and affordability to businesses with limited budgets? As these two giants battle it out to win your marketing dollars, you can find out the 10 benefits these platforms offer to your advertising campaign.

1: Targeting By Current Demand Or Select Parameters

Facebook has the win in this category when you are trying to target customers through the most parameters. Their demographics are impressive as you can find people by education, age, birth date, location, interests, education, purchasing behavior, and the list goes on. Yet, don’t count Google out for the early TKO. While it is true that the search engine has limited demographic targeting of location and keywords, Google knows that the customers are actively interested in the products and services they are searching for right now. You may be able to convert the lead into an immediate sale.

2: Keyword Targeting Necessary Or Just A Passing Fancy

Some businesses are all over the keyword searches. It is the life of their marketing plans. Other businesses could care less about keywords so long as the person that comes to their site has a valid credit card handy. Google is all over keyword specification and makes it a requirement while Facebook is more laid-back and lets you use them only when you desire it.

3: Ad Placement Is All About How Aggressive Your Campaign Is

You want to hit people over the head with your ads, bludgeoning them down until they pay you to stop. If you are into flashy and “in your face” advertising placement, then Facebook is the go-to platform. You can’t escape the ad, which can also be a detriment if people see it so often that they become blind to it. Google, on the other hand, will place the ads on undisclosed websites where people can browse and click at their leisure, appealing to customers who don’t want to constantly be bombarded with ads.

4: Target Audience Filtering Can Be Had

For some sales, you want to target a specific demographic because you know this audience will want the product. Facebook allows filtered targeting so you can refine the ZDPPC campaign when you are selling niche products. If you just want the most people no matter who they are, then Google dominates.

5: Market Saturation Depends On Who You Want To Go Up Against

Google has been around for decades. While the search engine is crowded with advertisers, it remains one of the top online advertising networks that can produce the most sales. Facebook is the newcomer in the ring. So it still has fewer advertisers as you can find your place and dig your feet in.

6: Short Or Long Sales Cycle

“You want my product? Here it is. Have at it.” Short, sweet and to the point is the type of sales cycle mentality found with Google. The search engine has a short sales cycle because people have already decided in their minds about the product and service that they want. So they are searching for businesses that can offer it to them. Facebook has a longer sales cycle as it is used to court people to learn more about the business, how it operates and what you can offer. So you can wine and dine customers for the long haul.

7: Reaching People From Every Device

Want to reach people through mobile devices or over the PC? It doesn’t matter for either Google or Facebook. Both platforms allow you to target by device so you can reach that person whether they are at home or on the go. If the person is using their mobile devices, you can also offer geo-specific advertising so you aren’t offering to find them restaurant coupons in California when they live in Michigan. Now if only people would leave their geolocation turned on for their smartphones, tablets and laptops so they can be found, the world would be an easier place for your PPC marketing campaigns.

8: Schedule Ads During Those Big Sales Periods

The worse feeling to get is to rush to place ads up because you forgot about a big sale that you planned to offer in the near future. Luckily, both platforms allow you to schedule your ads in varying degrees so you can run them when you want to despite having the occasional marketing brain fart. It also works well for those employees who have a ton of things to do and little time to do it while the boss is always breathing down your neck.

9: Bidding For Your Budget

The best aspects about both the Google and Facebook platforms are that they both offer bidding for cost-per-click and cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM). So you have more control on how much you pay for your ads when people click on them to find out more information about what you sell. Google ads are a bit more expensive than Facebook because they are using a search and display network versus Facebook who just uses a display network.

10: Top Strengths Of Search Intent And Targeting

Are you looking for the top benefits for Google and Facebook? If you haven’t figured it out yet, Google is at the top of their league when it comes to search intent as people use the platform to specifically find things they need in their lives. Facebook is the leader when it comes to targeting all types of different demographics. If there is a certain specific audience you want to find, you can locate it on the social media site.

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