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The Top 10 Tips for PPC Advertising Success

The Top 10 Tips for PPC Advertising Success

By : Zero Down PPC |October 26, 2015 |Blog |0 Comment

Wondering how to make the most of PPC advertising? No matter your industry, there’s always room to improve your margins and ROI with PPC, so long as you know the strategies, tactics, and tricks that add up to PPC advertising success. Some of it comes down to common sense, but other aspects of PPC can be a little more opaque. Today, we’ll talk about 10 PPC advertising tips to pump up any campaign, whether you’re aiming for razor-thin margins on retail items or selling premium seating at high-value seminars.

1. Know the competition.

Very little in PPC advertising is ‘new’ for an industry—so look at what your competitors for a keyword, industry, product, etc., are up to. Maybe you’ll be inspired to try new avenues; maybe you’ll realize that ‘inside the box’ is overcrowded, and be inspired to try something different; maybe you’ll find you’ve hit on something unique, or spot weakness in the competition, and gain the confidence to take more aggressive actions. You can’t know what you’ll find unless you investigate, though, so do your research.

2. Provide value.

No one clicks PPC advertising unless they think they’re going to get something valuable for their time; if you don’t have a worthwhile value proposition on your ad, no one will care. You may not have room to make your full pitch, but you have enough room to provide something prospects will care about. Figure out just what that value should be, then experiment until you know exactly how to pitch it. Once you perfect that, you’ll have perfect ads.

3. Explore keywords.

Never stop digging into your keywords, variants, tangential concepts, anything that might help you find fertile, untouched soils to plant your PPC ads in. The best ROI comes from low-competition ads that nonetheless work to create great leads. You won’t find those keywords, or the opportunities they offer, unless you keep working at it—remember, how people talk about ideas, products, and interests changes all the time, so new profitable keywords arise and fall on a regular basis.

4. Quality over quantity.

You need to keep in mind the difference between ‘traffic’ and ‘leads’—you can generate more, and more, and more traffic, but if none of it converts you’re wasting your time. With that in mind, the best ROI on PPC advertising comes from fewer, more valuable clicks. Each click costs money. Each click offers an opportunity to sell. When you cut away at the non-buyers and refine your focus on high-value clicks, your ROI will shoot up. Figure out which ads appeal to people looking to act, and which appeal to people who will click your ad but never close, and adapt accordingly.

5. Analytics matter.

The data provided by PPC advertising has value far beyond its usefulness in improving your PPC—the analytics and metrics offered by your pay per click ads can shape your entire marketing strategy, giving you original unique insight into market segments, how different target demographics shop, which sorts of users buy vs. browsing forever, and much, much more. Look at your analytics and delve deep for insight.

6. Don’t get hung up on details.

No single piece of your PPC puzzle determines your overall ROI. If you dedicate all your effort to improving the way you phrase headlines, without realizing your copy doesn’t make a proper value proposition, then you’ll never achieve the sort of ROI you’re hoping for. No aspect of your PPC advertising occurs in a vacuum.

7. Segment your marketing.

You have the data at hand to see how your prospects break down; so separate them into groups, and target those groups independent from one another. How you sell your product to soccer moms and workaholic young women probably shouldn’t be the same, for example. Or, maybe those two groups buy exactly the same way on average, but searchers using one phrasing buy differently from searchers using different phrasing. Whatever the split, find it and exploit it to develop more personal, appealing, relationship-building ad campaigns. Your PPC provides an excellent place to branch your entire operation for these different groups, so capitalize upon that versatility.

8. Have the right tools at hand.

Successful PPC advertising relies upon a scientific, methodical approach to developing your campaign. To do that painlessly and effectively, you need to have the right tools at hand—default analytics from your PPC service may be enough to achieve comfortable margins, but it won’t let you push your ROI to the next level the way more advanced tools might. Learn the tools to assist you in perfecting your campaign (segmentation, keyword research, split testing, refining for lead value, etc.) and learn to use them to their maximum efficiency.

9. Consider the value of expertise.

If you’re not comfortable with managing your PPC campaign, researching keywords, developing landing pages, organizing your site for effective sales, etc., don’t be afraid to reach out to an expert for assistance. Using professionals to produce professional results isn’t a waste of money, it’s good business sense; save your own time and effort for doing the best you can at your own job—don’t exhaust yourself producing subpar results trying to do things outside of your area of expertise. Always consider the ROI on learning a new skill and developing experience vs. investing in expert assistance.

10. Keep a wide view of your marketing.

Don’t get caught up in your pay per click as a purely independent aspect of your marketing—nor any other part of your online marketing. Sometimes, the reason you’re generating poor ROI from your PPC has nothing to do with your PPC ads, keywords, etc., and instead is due to poor CTAs on your landing page, a user-unfriendly checkout system, poor follow-ups from sales agents, etc. Marketing doesn’t existing in a vacuum, and a problem at any point of your system might originate from elsewhere. Take the wide view, understand how users flow through the funnel, and manage your marketing holistically.

Ultimately, you’ll see the best ROI when you take fullest advantage of the flexibility of PPC advertising. Few Internet marketing methods allow you to adapt as quickly as PPC, or offer such readily-available data for consideration and adaptation. Take advantage of these strengths, and your PPC advertising will show its fullest potential.


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