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Top 5 Trends In ZDPPC Marketing

By : Zero Down PPC |June 08, 2015 |Blog |0 Comment

Throughout ZDPPC marketing, otherwise known as zero down, PPC marketing, you are going to see a lot of trends. Some of the most recent trends need to be a consideration so you know how to strategize in the most effective way for your business. Without considering the trends, you could be making critical and expensive mistakes.

Zero Down Campaigns

The days of spending a considerable amount of money down on PPC marketing campaigns are over. Zero Down PPC is a marketing company that is dedicated to providing a new concept on pricing so you can make the most of your marketing budget. It can be more affordable to market and even see a better return on your investment.

Mobile Sites

There are more mobile sites than ever before and you need to have a mobile-friendly website so people can interact with your website when they are on a smartphone or tablet. When you explore ZDPPC trends, there will be more emphasis on mobile sites in 2015 and beyond due to the technology and how more people own mobile devices. The paid marketing that you work with will need to be with mobile friendly sites as well to help people click on the links that really matter.

Social Media

Social media is becoming more and more popular and the trend is only going to continue. ZDPPC marketing campaigns target where people are. More people are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other mobile sites. Therefore, it makes sense to have ads in these locations as a way of providing you with more opportunities to connect with people who are in the target demographic of your business.

Video Ads

Videos can say a lot more than blocks of text and that is why video is becoming an increasingly common trend. It has been estimated that more companies will be investing in video marketing in 2015 than in years past. YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites are also prime locations for ZDPPC marketing campaigns to take place as more people are spending time on such sites.

No More Keywords

Keywords are not as much of an emphasis as they were in the past. Much of this has to do with the changing dynamics of technology and what the search engines deem important when determining who gets the highest ranks within the result pages. There are more businesses coming online every year and it’s possible for thousands if not millions of them to by vying over the same keywords. As such, it only makes sense that the focus is shifting away from keywords. Now, the focus will be on social media profiles, product listings, and other aspects. Working with a company that specializes in ZDPPC will ensure that you are always in the know of what will be emphasized within your marketing campaigns.

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ZDPPC Is Already On Top of 2015 Marketing Trends

By : Zero Down PPC |June 07, 2015 |Blog |0 Comment

As another year approaches, you need to be on top of the online marketing trends that can affect your business and your advertising campaigns. ZDPPC is here to assist their clients with their online marketing needs. We unravel the world of online marketing so that you do not have to, however, getting in the know about upcoming online marketing trends for 2015 is a great way to give yourself an edge in your marketing endeavors. Here are a few 2015 marketing trends you should be aware of.

Mobile Becomes More Important

Although most sites already understand the crucial importance of having mobile accessibility, 2015 will see a swing in the direction of mobile first marketing. This means that rather than having a full site with mobile capabilities, companies are now focusing their attention on their mobile site and making sure that it has full site capabilities. The slight difference is that attention and budgeting that once went toward maintaining a full site with mobile as a side thought is now reversed so that that same time and attention is being focused on mobile applications with the full site as a side thought. We have you covered, though, as our ad campaigns flow seamlessly between any devices your prospective customers are using.

Social Media Gets Wise

As better and more innovative marketing strategies are being developed and used, social media channels are wising up to the tactics long used by pay per click companies such as ZDPPC. Customers want to pay for results, but with the old methods utilized on Facebook, business owners were paying for much more than that. Facebook will be moving toward much more objective based payment options in 2015. ZDPPC has always charged no money down and we make sure that our customers pay only for results.

The Lines Get Blurry

The lines between SEO marketing, content marketing and social media marketing will begin to blend as many companies and marketing groups begin to combine these strategies. SEO and content must be intertwined to develop workable marketing and social media outlets are the amplifier with which to share that content. For business owners who find that the lines were already confusing Zero Down PPC offers easy to navigate marketing campaigns. Who wants to pay for something they do not even understand themselves?

We offer a simplified, proven marketing strategy that gets your advertisements in front of your targeted demographics during critical buying stages. Based on search terms used on Google, we can target your prospective customers and place your advertisement in front of them at the crucial moment.

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What Can ZDPPC Do For You in 2015?

By : Zero Down PPC |June 04, 2015 |Blog |0 Comment

The New Year is upon us and you are no doubt already mapping out your marketing strategy for 2015. There are so many new online and social media marketing tools for businesses now, that you might feel a little overwhelmed at your options. This is especially true if you do not feel like you know much about online marketing in the first place. No need to fear. You do not need to be an online marketing expert in order to nail your online marketing in 2015. ZDPPC is here to help.

What is PPC

PPC is “pay per click” advertising. It is the most effect way for you to reach prospective customers. The best way to understand pay per click is to use the billboard analogy. Imagine that you have purchased a billboard on a highly traveled street in hopes that everyone will see your advertisement. If everyone is driving on that road every one should see your advertisement. People may see your advertisement, but it will only effect people who need or want your product.

So now imagine that your billboard has been placed on a street in which only people who need or want your product are traveling. The people who need or want your product are your target demographic, and what ZDPPC does, is put your advertisements only in front of your targeted demographics. How do we identify your demographics? We do this by analyzing what they are searching for on Google. In most cases these prospects are in the late buying stages, and your ad is placed in front of them at exactly the right moment.

In this way ZDPPC is putting your billboard on a busy street, full only of your targeted demographic and tells them that you are the choice they need.

What Makes Zero Down PPC Different?

Now that online marketing is the preferred advertising model, there are many companies available that promise to launch your online ad campaign and get you the exposure you need. So what makes us different from all the rest?

We offer our pay per click services with no up front fees. You want to pay for results, and that is why we have set up our payment plans based on results. We also know that you want campaign managers that you can trust. This is why each of our account managers are Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified. They understand the technical aspects of online marketing that might leave you scratching your head. There is science behind this better way of marketing and we understand it and we know how to make it work for you.

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6 Terms To Understand With ZDPPC

By : Zero Down PPC |June 03, 2015 |Blog |0 Comment

When you choose to go with things like ZDPPC, otherwise known as zero down pay per click marketing, there are going to be terms you will hear frequently. It’s always a good idea to know what all of these terms mean so you can figure out whether the marketing campaign is working effectively and how much it is costing.

Search Query

A search query is the action a consumer takes when using Google or another search engine to find something. It can be a single keyword or multiple ones. The keywords are part of the Google Analytics and ultimately what is going to impact your ZDPPC campaign.


An impression is a measurement to see how many times an ad has been seen. When determining the effectiveness of ZDPPC, the impressions matter. The number of times an ad is actually clicked is not figured in. Each time the ad displays is counted as an impression. A zero down program can help you maximize the number of impressions that you want to obtain per campaign.

Cost per Click

ZDS or zero down search is going to be costed out based upon how much you want to spend per click. This can be any amount of money – as low as a penny and as high as a few dollars per click. The more you are willing to spend per click, the better the website and the better the location on the site your ad will be at.

Click Through Rate

The click through rate (commonly abbreviated as CTR) is the ratio to show the frequency of times your ad is clicked based upon who is able to see it. This rate can show you the effectiveness of keywords as well as the ads themselves. It is calculated by calculating the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions. The goal is to have a high click through rate as this shows people are interested in what they see in front of them.


You should always be concerned about the conversion rate. This rate is based upon the number of visitors you are converting into customers on your site. If you have 100 visitors and only 1 becomes a customer, then you have a conversion rate of one percent.

Cost per Lead

Any time you get involved with paid search marketing, you need to know what the cost per lead is going to be. If you spend $1 per click you get one lead for every 100 clicks, then your cost per lead is $100. This is because you pay for each click. This may or may not be a good value depending on what you are selling. The goal is to reduce the cost per lead and this can be done by reducing what you pay per click or changing the look of the ad so you can obtain leads with more frequency.

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Have You Heard About No Money Down Pay Per Click?

By : Zero Down PPC |June 02, 2015 |Blog |0 Comment

The world of online advertising is evolving and growing every day. New tools and products are popping up and business owners who want to stay ahead, or at least within the curve, cannot afford to waste time or miss out on hot new improvements. If you are a modern business owner you already know that the new world of advertising is primarily web based. Blogs, search engine optimization and direct email marketing are just a few of the new ways that you can reach your customers with vital information about your company. If you are looking for even greater and more innovative ways to reach out to your customers and potential, future clients, then you must acquaint yourself with the new age of pay per click advertising.

If you are not acquainted with no money down pay per click advertising at all, it is actually very simple and yet brilliant. Pay per click advertising allows a company to send out their advertisements to prospective customers while that customer is actually searching for products similar to yours. Certain key words being typed into search engines or certain key words which are being used on a particular SEO rich website signal that the visitors to this site are also the same people who need your product or service. Your ad is then displayed on the screen. The beautiful part about pay per click advertisement however, is that you only have to pay if the prospective customer clicks your ad.

Beyond the basics of putting your product or service in front of a prospective customer is the added possibility that once the ad has been clicked and the prospective customers “lands” on your landing page they will continue to engage in the desired process of either seeking out more information by filling out their personal contact information such as email and phone number or they download more information by means of a brochure. These actions are considered leads.

At Zero Down PPC we also offer services which can electronically track how many leads eventually turn into sales. Using these tools can give you a real idea of exactly how your advertising dollars are being turned into revenue. This was impossible in the good old days of billboard advertising, when no one had any real idea of what kind of impact their advertising campaigns were having. Perhaps a customer responded to a billboard, or word of mouth, or perhaps they just got a wild hair to buy your product all of sudden. Either way, in the age of pay per click advertising there is no guessing. Our tools will help you see with real numbers exactly how your advertising efforts are paying off.

Zero Down PPC is special, however, in that we offer marketing campaigns with no money down pay per click to start. You pay when your campaign starts generating clicks and ultimately traffic to your site. By using our targeted text ads you are certain to begin generating traffic and ultimately revenue through the use of our services.

Our staff of professionals understand the world of online marketing inside and out. Even if you are not an online marketing expert, you can still reap the benefits of online marketing magic through the use of our services and resources. We understand how important your time is and that is why we also offer to have your pay per click campaign up and running in forty eight hours following our first conference call with you.

You want your business to succeed and we want to help you make that happen. The world of advertising is changing again and if you are not on board your business will suffer. Pay per click is the new age of the new age of advertising.

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ZeroDownPPC lets businesses tryout a PPC campaign in the context of Google’s search design, risk-free

By : Zero Down PPC |January 31, 2014 |Blog, Uncategorized |0 Comment

When Google debuted its March redesign, one of the most notable changes afoot was a new and more streamlined AdWords format. Amongst other but less dramatic graphic tweaks, the revamp removed the telltale colored background that had always separated sponsored search results from organic ones—a move that many see as one big step towards effectively blurring the line between paid ads and algorithm-ranked listings.


And it’s looking like a move that can only serve to benefit advertisers. With less visual distinction given to sponsored results, experts say that users are now less likely to recognize ads and more likely click on them—big news for the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model.


For those who have considered trying out PPC in the past, there’s no better time than now to give it a go—not only within the context of Google’s fresh layout but also on a completely risk-free service platform being offered exclusively by SSD Fair Marketing.


ZeroDownPPC gives commitment-phobic advertisers a chance to explore the benefits of a strategically focused PPC campaign without any contracts or up-front fees. And because Google only charges advertisers per click, enrolling in ZeroDownPPC guarantees that clients pay for effective advertising only—essentially removing the risk element altogether!


The idea behind the creation of ZeroDownPPC was to level the playing field, creating a partnership between us and the advertiser. By shifting the ad-marketing equation so that advertisers are not the only ones invested, we have created a system in which there is nothing to lose and everything to potentially gain.


During their thirty-day trial enrollment, clients will receive individualized PPC account management with full email support, in addition to all the benefits of our formula-driven upCLICK™ program—including our exclusive FAIRMetrix™ reporting system and advanced campaign monitoring that incorporates conversion tracking for real-time results and optimal remarketing. Our dedicated account managers will concentrate on strategy building from the get-go, identifying a target audience and then continually optimizing ads to capture that audience.


Every one of our experienced account managers is Google Analytics- and AdWords-certified, and ZeroDownPPC is a fully certified Google Partner for AdWords—guaranteeing the highest level of expertise in the field. We are so confident in the proficiency of our team and strategy-based program that we waive both the set-up and first month’s management fees, allowing clients to cancel at anytime during the trial period with no penalty.


If you’ve been on the fence about implementing a PPC campaign for your business, now is the time to explore just what expert-led web advertising services can accomplish. ZeroDownPPC is absolutely free to start, and if you are pleased with the results our campaign produces, you’ll be able to set your own budget upon sign-up. Our flexible service packages also allow you to continue deciding how much you want to spend for the duration of your partnership with SSD, adjusting that budget anytime you wish.


Getting started is easy and hassle-free—our account managers can have your campaign up and running within 48 hours, after just one conference call.


So, why waste time? Call 888-801-1817 to sign up today, or visit our website for more information.

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