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7 Reasons to Invest in a ZDPPC Campaign for Your Business

7 Reasons to Invest in a ZDPPC Campaign for Your Business

By : Zero Down PPC |February 24, 2016 |ZDPPC |0 Comment

Wondering whether pay-per-click is right for your business? Not sure it’s worth investing in a third party to make the most of the opportunity? You might be pleasantly surprised. No matter your industry or existing marketing efforts, a ZDPPC campaign can offer your business a wealth of benefits, from new prospects and improved branding to a simple improvement in marketing ROI. If you’re not convinced yet, just consider these 7 reasons to engage a ZDPPC campaign for your business:
Efficient traffic generation


The simple efficacy of a good PPC campaign in generating traffic to your site can’t be underestimated, but what truly marks the difference between top-notch professional campaigns and what an amateur might throw together is the efficiency. A well-managed campaign with carefully considered keywords, landing pages, and ad copy will prove incredibly efficient compared to a less experienced effort. With a ZDPPC campaign, you’re going to see a much better ROI, even if you already have a PPC campaign, even if you don’t care about any of the other benefits. Even if you’ve tried PPC in the past and found it lacking, a top quality campaign has something to offer you.


Sometimes, an ad doesn’t need to be clicked to benefit your company. Setting your image, your branding, and your copy alongside your top competitors—and even brands far above yours in recognition and stature—can go a long way in legitimizing your brand in the minds of consumers. That means that when you combine high bids with high quality ads and seize those top search result spaces, you build your branding in a way largely divorced from factors such as click-through rate. This can be difficult to quantify, and thus shouldn’t be relied upon overmuch if your ads aren’t otherwise successful, but it’s a very real benefit to consider on top of more trackable, analyzable benefits.
Market research


Seeing the sorts of terms that get traffic, convert to sales or don’t, can tell you a lot about your market. When you pair a solid, diverse PPC campaign with top notch analytics solutions, you’ll gain immense insight into your customers and prospects, information you can use to create more granular market segments—and in doing so, improve your sales success rates immensely. You can also get a sense of which efforts aren’t worth as much as you might hope, and cut expenses in other marketing venues for those low-value approaches. Altogether, the knowledge you gain from a good PPC campaign is worth at least as much as the traffic itself.
Synergy with other marketing approaches


Simply put, PPC campaigns work well in conjunction with just about any other marketing approach you care to name. Social marketing and PPC integrate well by covering gaps in one another’s coverage of prospects. PPC works well for feeding the funnel for a well-crafted inbound marketing strategy. PPC can be utilized to learn more about keywords and their relevance to potential buyers for a strong SEO approach. Altogether, no marketing strategy will suffer from the inclusion of a well-crafted PPC component—you just need to figure out a holistic approach which combines the strengths of your tools to nullify your weaknesses.


Nothing, nothing, can compete with the agility of PPC. Within a few minutes of finding out a breaking piece of information you know might change the industry, you can have a targeted PPC campaign up and running. It may not be as pretty as it should be, may not yet direct to a well-crafted, finely tuned sales funnel, but you can be there while every competitor is still mulling the new information over. Social media can be nearly as fast, if you have the right network supporting you, but in a vacuum nothing will defeat PPC for agility. If you want that reaction speed on your side, PPC is an absolute must.
‘Blitz’ potential


Not all PPC campaigns need to run for a long time, nor do they need to present an immediate and obvious ROI—sometimes, getting clicks at a loss is well worth the sacrifice. This comes to play in situations where you don’t need long-term inbound traffic, you just need to grab attention and get the word spreading. If you can afford to place your product or service at the top of a high-competition search for even a few short days, you can get the ball rolling on a self-perpetuating marketing buzz. Of course, this requires your site, your product and your brand to be spot on—but if you have the other components in face, PPC can make a very loud noise to get everyone to pay attention for a moment.


One final consideration, for businesses with little to no interest in any of the other advantages afforded by PPC: denying to competition the opportunity. There are a limited number of slots available at the top or along the side of any search engine. When you put your ad in one of those slots, you deny your competitors the opportunity to do the same. If you’re at the top of the market, this can mean staying there in the face of a strong competitor rising from the bottom. It’s important to remember whenever you consider PPC: someone will take those spots. If it’s not you, it’s someone else that will be taking that attention and money from prospects.


Final thoughts

Remember, PPC isn’t foolproof—businesses lose money on ill-advised campaigns every day. The surface level simplicity hides the immensely complex depths of pay-per-click, meaning traps for the unwary, and opportunities for the savvy. Put yourself on the right side of the equation, and you stand to gain a lot.

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