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5 Reasons You Should Be Using PPC

5 Reasons You Should Be Using PPC

By : Zero Down PPC |January 24, 2016 |Uncategorized, ZDPPC |0 Comment

Satisfied with what you’re already doing on the web, without the assistance of PPC? You shouldn’t be—by not leveraging the power of PPC, you’re leaving money, authority, branding, and consumer data on the table. Put aside the rudimentary ‘traffic for money’ aspects of PPC—those are important, used well, but not as important as the many other ways your business can benefit from a well-managed pay-per-click campaign. So read on, and find out five simple reasons you should be using PPC if you’re not already (and using it more flexibly if you are).


Better traffic

Note that the reason isn’t more traffic, which PPC essentially guarantees: you spend enough money, and you will get clicks. No, the first reason to invest properly in a pay-per-click campaign is better traffic. You can generate superior leads which ultimately result in a better ROI on the rest of your marketing efforts, with the power of PPC. It’s much more difficult to target the subtle differences between ‘possible sales’ and ‘near-guaranteed’ sales with less agile, versatile avenues of marketing such as SEO or social media.

With a good PPC campaign, you can bring in more and better traffic, generating more and better leads for your sales team. Why waste skilled agents’ time on vaguely interested prospects from your social marketing campaign when you can have them working on excited, highly-qualified leads instead? It’s well worth the investment, whatever your field.

Market research

PPC can help you learn quite a lot about who your buyers are, how they interact with your business, site, and marketing, and what it takes to turn them from prospects into sales—if you leverage the right analytics tools to track various key performance indicators, segment users by demographics, etc. Seeing that people from Group A search a certain way, browse a certain way, buy a certain way, disseminate their opinions on the product a certain way can teach you a lot about what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong with your marketing at large.

If nothing else, you should treat PPC as a tool for experimentation. Considering the investment of time and resources to become ranked for a different search term via SEO? You can cut straight to collecting data within a single day, with the right PPC campaign in place—and find out whether the return on the investment will be worth it. PPC-generated data can also show you unexpected segmentation in your prospect base and open up new avenues of marketing you’d not otherwise become aware of.

Authority and branding

When someone searches for a term and sees your business and products listed in the early search results, they file that away in the back of their mind—even if they don’t click your link. You gain an association with that search which you can leverage down the line, when that same customer becomes more ready to purchase; they’ll know your brand.

And simply appearing alongside big names from your industry, courtesy of a savvy PPC campaign, can help you leech authority and present your company as a source of information and high-value products—and excellent open door for whatever marketing tactics you wish to engage in. If the first time a customer sees your brand name is a tweet, they might not follow you—but what if that’s the third time, or the fifth? The same holds true for any other avenue of marketing you might consider.


The simple versatility of PPC makes it valuable for nearly any company, no matter the marketing strategies they already have in place. You can add PPC traffic to a content marketing strategy, use it to fuel a social marketing strategy, use it to help get content in front of the right eyes to get shared for backlinks, the list goes on. And you can turn campaigns on and off at the drop of a hat.

No other method of marketing can really compete with PPC for sheer flexibility of this sort. You can experiment with approaches you want to adopt with your other forms of marketing—even if you’re targeting a term too competitive to sit on for long with PPC, a short campaign to determine the viability of a given avenue for producing profitably leads can save you in the long term.

Agile responses

Something big happens in your industry. You rush to put together a new set of content to target the new ways customers will search for products, services, information. But how long until you can start feeding traffic into that content? How long for new sites, pages, backlinks to work their magic and generate the inbound traffic you desperately need, if you want to seize this new opportunity?

A new PPC campaign can be up and running within hours—minutes, even, if you don’t need a bunch of groundwork to profit from an opportunity. You can leverage opportunities with an agility only social marketing can compete with (which means you should use them in tandem, not one over the other). And if some piece of negative content or reporting goes viral, you can jump in front of that as well, positioning yourself to rapidly deliver your side of the story and fight the impact of competitors seeking to leverage your moment of weakness for their own gain.

Ultimately, if you’re willing to put in the time, resources, and effort necessary, there’s profit for any business following any marketing path. You just need to think flexibly and approach your overall marketing holistically—or hire a team like ZDPPC to do that job for you.


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